SportsWatch App

SportsWatch is a multi-timer stopwatch and diary for coaches, athletes and spectators. The app supports aerobics, cycling, running, strength and swimming exercises. Here is what makes SportsWatch unique.

SportsWatch is smart.

- It guides you through a workout, including multiple reps, sets and rest times for an entire team.

- It records multiple athletes, with splits, at the same time and links results to each athlete's diary.

SportsWatch is a diary.

- It reports detailed results and analysis for each athlete.

- It maintains a volume diary by sport for each athlete.

SportsWatch is social.

- Notify athletes about training, races and results through Facebook, Twitter and email.

SportsWatch is great for spectators.

- Time many athletes in the same race and view insightful result reports.
SportsWatch manages the planning, tracking and workout administration tasks coaches must juggle. Using SportsWatch will help you analyze your team's performance and spend more time coaching. SportWatch is available for the iPhone and iPod Touch.
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