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InvestorChow is a mobile source for economic data and insights for investment professionals and enthusiasts. There are four content sections for the app.

Jazz Box App

Jazz Box is a chord and scale reference. Here is what you can do with the app.

  1. Look up jazz chords
  2. Look up jazz scales
  3. Learn chord-scale relationships and theory

Jazz Box helps you learn and extend your improvizational skills. Enter a chord and view different scales you can play over a chord. Results are presented on a staff for bass or treble clef. There is also a jazz theory library with practical content on chords and scales. Jazz Box is now available for the iPod, iPhone and iPad on Apple's App Store.

SportsWatch App

SportsWatch is a multi-timer stopwatch and diary for coaches, athletes and spectators. The app supports aerobics, cycling, running, strength and swimming exercises. Here is what makes SportsWatch unique.

SportsWatch is smart.

- It guides you through a workout, including multiple reps, sets and rest times for an entire team.

- It records multiple athletes, with splits, at the same time and links results to each athlete's diary.

SportsWatch is a diary.

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